Plastic Rice Being Sold In Market.. Here’s How You Can Identify Plastic Rice

From past one week, the internet is surfaced with videos of plastic rice. In the video one can see, people playing with the ball of plastic rice. After the video went viral, people from different part of India have come up in open about their experience of plastic rice.

A journalist from Telangana complained of being served with biryani of plastic balls. Thereafter there were complaints from Charminar area, Yousufguda, and Meerpet that plastic rice is being sold.

The journalist who complained about his biryani which was made up of plastic rice was beaten up by the restaurant owner.

I was alone at home. So I bought biryani and took it home for dinner. But somehow it felt different. When I rolled the biryani rice, it bounced and made a sound. I went back and complained at the shop. They attacked me,” says the journalist.

According to the reports of the news channels, shopkeepers are openly selling plastic rice in Haldwani. The situation is getting so worse that it is not only restricted to India. It has affected other parts of the world too.

Countries like Singapore, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka are also victims of this plastic rice scam. With the increasing number of cases coming up, it is crucial to check your rice too. Therefore today we will explain you 4 simple methods by which you can check if your rice is real or not.

Fire test

Plastic rice is made up of plastic. As they are made up of plastic, they burn like plastic. So take some rice and burn it with a lighter.

Hot oil test

Take some oil in a pan and heat it for 10 minutes. In an extremely hot oil put some rice. If it starts melting then your rice are made up of plastic.

Water test

Plastic floats on water whereas rice settles down. This property can be used to distinguish real rice from plastic ones. Drop some rice in a pan filled with water. Real rice should settle down in the pan.

Boiling test

Take some water in a pan and drop a bowl of rice in it. Now observe the process of boiling. If you see a thick layer forming on the top, then your rice are made up of plastic.

Watch this video for more help

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