10 Pictures Which Prove That Engineers Are The Real King Of Jugaad

Engineering is not just about doing assignments, cramming books, and passing examinations. One also learn how to practically implement their knowledge. You can’t disagree with us if we say that engineers are the best when it’s about jugaads. Living in Pjs or hostel, they know how to survive. Here are some examples of jugaads done by engineers that explains our words in a more better way. Have a look:


Image Source: Daily Moss

When you have just one socket


Image Source: IndianEngineeringjuggad

For the smokers


Image Source: Pinterest

In case you don’t have a mirror at home, your laptop’s webcam will come handy for you


Image Source: ScoopWhoop

Plastic water bottle as a shower


Image Source: Anandkumars

No gas no problem

Because-we-are-engineers-and-this-is-what-we-do (1)

Image Source: InsiderIndian

In case you don’t have iron also


When you don’t have mortein stand


Image Source: Desi Reflections

Do not throw your beer bottles, they can be the reason for your chappatis in dinner


Image Source: Hindustanmerijaan

If you also agree with us that engineers are the ultimate king of jugaads. Then share these pics with your other engineer’s friends also.