Parents Threw This Lil Girl In Dustbin Coz She Had No Legs. But She Grew Up To Shock Everyone

Jennifer Bricker is an inspiration for all those who curse circumstances for their unsuccessful life. She is a perfect answer to all those who feel that God has been partial to them.

Jennifer is an acrobat but not an ordinary one; she was born without legs however she never took it as a disability and was very focused towards achieving her aim of becoming a gymnast.

Sharon and Gerald Bricker adopted Jennifer when she was just three months old and raised her with their three older sons. Jennifer’s parents put her for adoption as they were afraid that they won’t be able to take care of her medical expenses.

The most surprising moment of Jennifer’s life was when she discovered that the gymnast Dominique Moceanu, whom she idolizes is her real sister.

Watch the video to know about the amazing story of Jennifer Bricker:

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