Parents Committed Suicide Because 7-Year Kid Died Of Dengue


As reported, Max Saket and Moolchand Medicity which are counted among renowned hospitals of the city did not give Avinash Rout a bed; hence his parents Laxmichandra and Babita hurried to Batra Hospital for the treatment of the child. However, it did not prove to be of any use by then, as Avinash was no more.

His parents were so dejected and depressed, as Avinash was the only child, that they killed themselves or committed suicide after an hour or two subsequent to performing his last rites.

JP Nadda, Health Minister, has asked Delhi govt. for a report over this. In the words of Nadda who terms entire happening as terrible and dreadful, “We have asked for a report from Delhi government. An enquiry has been ordered into the incident and guilty won’t be spared. A joint secretary of the ministry will  investigate the whole matter and summit his report within a week.”

As per Batra Hospital, “We confirm that the patient was in a critical condition due to dengue. The child was brought to us… at 11:05 pm in our casualty department in a very critical condition (on Monday) without pulse and blood pressure. Our physicians directly took the child to our pediatric ICU and gave all appropriate treatment available but despite our best efforts, he did not survive.”

“The patient was treated and stabilised in our emergency. Given non-availability of inpatient beds, the patient was advised to seek an alternative hospital and ambulance was arranged for safe transfer.”

According to a senior govt. officer, Satyendra Jain, Delhi Health Minister, too probed into issuing both the hospitals show-cause notice.