OMG The War Between Colors TV And Team Kapil Is Getting More Worse Day By Day!

ali and sunil grover

First, they decided to bring in a new show Comedy Nights Bachao along with CNWK and then, after Kapil shot for the last episode, they didn’t air it on time. Colors decided to air it a week later and that sparked a huge outcry on the social network. According to reports, Kapil and Krushna are all set to compete with each other because of the clashes between their new shows. Now, there is another controversy that has been reported.

Comedy Nights’ two of the most adorable characters, Dadi, and Gutthi. Ali Asgar and Sunil Grover who played the characters on the show have been slapped with a legal notice from the channel.

Reports claim that Ali and Sunil are going to perform for a live show called Da-Bang in Surat on February 19. The show will be headlined by actor Salman Khan and his Kick co-star Jacqueline Fernandez. However, things turned bitter when producers of the live show wanted Ali and Sunil to perform in their CNWK avatars as Gutthi and Dadi! Without taking permission from the channel, Ali and Sunil gave a nod to the producers.

Their happiness was short-lived because as soon as this news reached Raj Nayak, he decided to send them a legal notice. According to the notice, neither of them is allowed to perform as Dadi or Gutthi anywhere, irrespective of whatever the conditions are. Other clauses of the notice include:

1. Ali can’t even perform as a normal old lady with grey hair and a jooda
2. Sunil’s banned from wearing ribbons on her hair.
3. Even if there is a little resemblance of their CNWK characters, Colors can sue both of them for copyright infringement.