OMG! It’s Finally Here!! Couples Are Making Out In Bigg Boss 9

There is no denying the fact that Bigg Boss always serves the masala viewers like to watch or have keen interest in. For instance, fights between contestants, meetings of ex-couples, exciting tasks and not to forget the most importantly hot and intimate scenes as well as bedroom scenes….

Needless to say, love-making scenes have forever been one of the most crucial aspects to keep the reality show alive and awesome in all its seasons as well as boosts the TRP greatly, making Bigg Boss one of the most watched and enjoyed TV programs.

If you are a regular viewer of the show, you must be aware of the essential fact that each season of Bigg Boss is rich with some masala of its kind and if you’ve been missing it so far in this season, let us show you few hot pics that would increase your interest in the program. It really surprises me as to how couples get so frank and bold to indulge in love-making scenes despite knowing that the show will be telecasted on Television. What’s even more amazing is that contestants forget that they are constantly in the observation of around 80 cameras which capture each and every activity they do and hence, they will be known to all the viewers.

Here we present you intimate pics of Suyyash Rai-Kishwer Merchant & Keith Sequeira-Rochelle Rao making the atmosphere hot inside the house that would blow your mind away:

1. Keith Sequeira & Rochelle Rao


2. Keith Sequeira & Rochelle Rao


3. Suyyash Rai & Kishwer Merchant



4. Suyyash Rai & Kishwer Merchant


5. Suyyash Rai & Kishwer MerchantSuyyash-Rai-Kishwer-Merchant-3-600x463