Nurses In Amritsar File FIR Against Kapil Sharma For Cracking Jokes On Nurse!

FIR against Kapil

Famous comedian Kapil Sharma, renowned for their words and actions to make all of us laugh. It dosen’t matter if he have to go beyond limits! But this time he cracked some jokes on her new shows character nurse for this he can face some problems!

In fact, during the show Kapil comment something unacceptable on nurse. Kapil, after which a team of nurses is quite angry.

Guru Nanak Dev Hospital in Amritsar Civil Hospital and the nurses are up in arms against Kapil.

The nurses said Kapil through his The Kapil Sharma Show shows poor image of nurses. The also said Navjot Singh Sidhu is also supporting him instead of it he should stop him doing it.

Nurses now demands that all nurses in the country since Kapil apology for the mistake. Otherwise FIR lodged against Kapil.