Your Nose Shape Tells A Lot About Your Personality

Nana Awere Damoah once said, “A big nose does not necessarily mean a sharper sense of smell.” Well, it may not but it can rightly determine the kind of person you are to some extent.

Like Pinocchio, we cannot grow long noses and recognize a false element in that person’s behavior. However, you can always find your psychological makeup by recognizing what’s your nose shape.

The shape, size, and structure of a person’s nose dictate many things about their personality. Read below what your nose shape says about you.

Note-The analysis may not be accurate, but it will always lead to a right place. 

1. The Roman Nose

People with this nose type have a little bump down the ridge. It indicates a very strong personality. They are known to encourage people to take action. They are careful and strong-hearted and very influential.


2. The Nubian Nose

This type of nose is short in length and wide in the end. A passionate soul with a charisma of its own. Such people are very creative.


3. The Turned Up Nose

This nose is lengthy and curved with a nearly-concave slope and upwards tip. People with these noses are very optimistic towards life. They are extremely enthusiastic, have nurturing qualities and maintain a strong bond with family and friends.


4. The Greek Nose

It is long and straight with a narrow ridge. It gives us a legendary touch. People having this nose shape don’t tolerate nonsense. They always talk facts and are hard working. They keep their emotions to themselves and prefer remaining serious.


5. The Snub Nose

It is relatively small and isn’t protrusive in any direction. Like their nose shape, these people react quickly and are very witty. They are always full of energy and can sometimes get very aggressive.


6. The Hawk Nose

This one is long and has a bit of a hook on the tip that points down. Such people live a carefree life and they don’t care what others think about them. They are not the ones who will seek approval from people. They are hard working and are focused on achieving their dreams.


7. The Celestial Nose

These are long and narrow and very symmetrical on each side. They somewhat resemble the snub. According to the studies, these type of people face difficulties in reaching physical and spiritual maturity.


8. The Aquiline Nose

It’s very pointed downwards. It is straight and sit at an almost-90-degree angle. People with this nose type are generally attractive, dominant, and business-minded.


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