Never Try To Search These 10 Things On GOOGLE It Might Kill You!

Earlier, people had to go to public libraries and dig up journals or books to find answers to their problems. Every case, knowledge, and news could be found in books but now we have the internet and most importantly, we have Google. The solution to our everyday problem. Be it a relationship advice or beauty tips, google has an answer to everything. It just depends on how you use its power.

The internet provides us with education-related content, entertainment and world news, and funny videos. But that’s not it! The internet can be full of horrifying, terrible and upsetting content that can steal away your sleep.

What you’re going to read next is extremely disturbing. Don’t scroll down if you are not mentally prepared.
1. Daniel Philip Petry And Gabriel Kuhn

Disturbing cases

Daniel and Gabriel were good friends. It all started when they were playing an online game named ‘Tibia’. Gabriel was winning to which Daniel thought he was cheating. He went to Gabriel’s home one day when he was alone, took him to the bedroom, beat him, raped him and sodomized him. Then he decided to kill Kuhn. So he strangled him with a cable wire and cut off his legs with a knife.

2. Jiggers

Disturbing cases

Jigger is an insect found in Sub-Saharan climates. It is a small sand flea that lives in the soil. It has a significant impact on its host and generally feeds on humans. It may burrow in the body of the humans. Once inside, it lays eggs and creates a pea-sized egg sack which keeps on multiplying and deteriorates the condition of the host.

3. Three guys, One hammer

Disturbing cases

The Dnepropetrovsk maniacs are Ukranian serial killers. They are responsible for a series of murders and their videos are also available online. One of their videos shows three men killing a 48-year-old brutally. They were charged with 21 murders. The motive behind their brutal killings was to make real snuff videos because a foreign website asked them to make 40 such videos and offered a big amount.

4. Trypophobia

Disturbing cases

Fear of holes is called Trypophobia. It is a fear of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes. This phobia triggers an individual to suffer and emotional reaction when viewing innocuous images of objects, usually holes. Many people with this phobia are even reported of experiencing anxiety attacks which made them nauseous.

5. Two girls, One cup

Disturbing cases

2 girls, 1 cup, a 2007 Brazilian scat-fetish film trailer that got viral and is one of the grossest trailers till date. It features two women defecating into a cup, then taking turns in consuming the excrement and finally vomiting in each others mouth.

6. Best gore

Disturbing cases

Best Gore is a shock site advocating anti-censorship that features gore videos and images, which are hard to see if you have a faint heart. It features suicides, murders, motorcycle crashes, stoning, animal attacks, and death-related content. The site had many viewers earlier but it suddenly became infamous after Luke Magnotta uploaded a murder video on the page titled ‘1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick’.

7. Body farm

Disturbing cases

The Body farm is a research facility where the decomposition process can be studied in a variety of settings. This advance way of studying allows the researchers to extract the critical piece of information such as circumstances and timing of death. Bodies are donated to these human taphonomy facilities and it studies what happens to them after death.

8. One lunatic, one Ice pick

Disturbing cases

Luke Magnotta uploaded a video on Best Gore and gained notoriety for killing a Chinese international student named Lin Jun. The 11-minute video shows him stabbing Lin with an ice pick and a kitchen knife. He then decapitate Lin followed by the acts of necrophilia, and feeds the flesh to a dog. After killing the guy, Luke emailed Lin’s limbs to elementary schools and federal political party offices.

9. The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel

Disturbing cases

Anneliese Michel was diagnosed with epilepsy and suffered from epileptic seizures. She was often depressed and admitted to a mental hospital. Overtime, Michel became intolerant to various religious objects. Her family was convinced that she was possessed and decided to take help of priests. The priests performed an exorcism on her for 10 months. Michel ultimately died of dehydration and malnutrition.

10. Anatoly Slivko

Disturbing cases

Anatoly Slivko is the worst serial killer of time. The guy killed 7 boys during the period of 1964-85, all of them aged between 7 and 17. He even persuaded around 43 boys to take part in a film on the Nazi experiments. When the boys got unconscious, he would strip them, play with them and film them.

After he’s done, he would revive the act. But in 7 of the cases, Anatoly became violent and dismembered the bodies of the boys, poured gasoline on their limbs and recorded his act.