Never Do These 7 Things If You Value Your Life

When we think about the past we are left with reminiscences of those beautiful times and memories where everything used to be so pure. However, today the situation is in stark reality with the old times.

Everything is adulterated, and deceiving, this world too is insanely fast. We get so busy in picking up the pace with it that we forget to live our lives and that too with happiness and health by our sides.

We do a lot of things in our daily life in a hurry that we don’t pay necessary attention to it. And when we do it, it gets way too late for retreating from the lethal situation. These small mistakes could make us regret our carelessness and cost us big with suffering much more than we could expect or afford.

Here we have enumerated 10 everyday things which would prove lethal if you don’t pay attention to them. Here you go-

1. Sleep

Those who sleep more than 8-9 hours a day have more risk of dying a premature death than those who don’t. Or if you get less than 7 hours of sleep, the consequences can be the same.

2. Shower

If you don’t know how to use the taps right way then go learn it. Otherwise, it could be dangerous to your health. For example, 34 people die every year just in the US from injuries involving hot tap water.

3. Sneeze

Avoid doing this everyday thing. Never ever…You should never try to stop a sneeze. Once stopped and a possibly strong sneeze is to follow, it carries the power to crack your ribs, burst your ear drums or kill you with a cardiac arrest.

4. Popping a pimple

Doctors highly recommend people not to pop a pimple around the nose area. The reason is that there are lots of blood vessels around your nose and many also lead to your brain. If popped it could turn into a severe infection thus affecting your brain as well.

5. Using stairs

In the UK alone, around 1000 deaths per year are caused due to stairs and the injuries fall around 100,000. So be careful next time you take stairs!

6. Using elevator

God forbid! But if you get stuck in an elevator it could prove lethal to your life. It could turn into a death machine thus cutting you in half and trailing your intestines.

7. Using a zipper

This is a very common everyday thing with people across the world. The cases involving injuries around the private parts due to the zipper is 1,700 a year in the US. Yeah! It hurts A LOT.

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