10 Mysteries Of Our Country That Will Give You Goosebumps

India is widely known as the land of black magic and tantriks. Our country has attracted a lot of people from across the globe towards its mysterious affairs. These affairs remain unsolved till date. Even the greatest historians and archaeologists are unable to explain the mysteries which this country holds.

Let’s take a look at some of the baffling mysteries of India:-

1. Roopkund lake, Uttrakhand

This lake has got a second name which is The Skeleton Lake. It was discovered back in 1942 and that time it was totally frozen and full of skeletons. During the following summer when the ice melted, even more, skeletons were discovered in it. The explanation behind the lake full of skeletons is still not clear.


2. Hanging Pillar

The Leepakshi Temple in Anantpura stands on 70 strong pillars to support its weight. However, there is one pillar known as The Hanging Pillar which does not touch the ground but hangs a few inches above it.


3. Twin village

The Kodinhi village in Kerela is known as the twin village. It has a population of about 2000 people out of which there is around 200 pair of twins. The reason behind this high twinning ratio in this village is yet to be sought.


4. 9 Unknown men

One of the world’s most powerful secret societies is the 9 unknown men. It was started by Emperor Ashoka who selected the 9 men, each entrusted with knowledge on different subjects. It is believed that this society still exists but the identity of the 9 original men is still unknown.


5. Jodhpur Boom

On the night of 18 December 2012, a deafening boom came out of the sky over Jodhpur which was also rumored to be heard in other parts of the globe. Scientists say that the boom was unlike anything else ever heard before.


6. Taj Mahal

We all know that Emperor Shah Jahan built this beautiful monument in the memory of his beloved wife. But according to a Professor P. N. Oak, Taj Mahal used to be a Shiva temple named Tejo Mahalay which was later captured by Shah Jahan.


7. Kuldhara village

The cursed village of Kuldhara in Rajasthan lies in ruins now because of a curse which wiped out its entire population overnight.


8. Bird suicide

Jatinga, a small village in Assam is known for the massive number of birds death. Flocks of birds plunge from the sky into the village and end up dying.


9. Prahlad Jani

Prahlad Jani claimed to have survived without food and water since 1940. Several experiments have been conducted over him where he was locked in a room without any form of sustenance. Scientists have failed to provide an explanation for this miracle.


10. Spooky Bullet

When Om Banna lost his life while riding his bullet, little did he knew that such strange events were to follow. After the accident policed towed the bike to the police station but it returned to the site of the accident. The police even tried to lock it up and empty it of any fuel, but the bike still found its way back to the spot.


Do you believe these unsolved mysteries?