Muslim Girl And Teenage Boy Stuck In Lift, Shows Humanity Over Religion

We were born as humans and with the fact of life being equally given to all of us to live.

Religions which were made by some of the communities and people later on divided us in such drastic ways that sometimes it becomes a question for life.

These religious discrimination give people a completely different picture of how the world looks like now and how it should have looked without them.

A Muslim girl would have been a friend to a Christian guy. Inter-caste marriage and more prominently inter-religion marriage would not have existed.

Just love and affection among every other human in the world which is not considered to be right according to the religions of ours.

This video shows two people of different religions and beliefs stuck in an elevator.

As the starting of the video shows some religious fear in one of them, the end of the video show them as humans first and religious later.

We should all be inspired from this video that these discrimination may lead us to get in so much isolation that even people stuck in an elevator like these ones, would not see each other or help even in the case of a life death scenario.

Watch the video without skipping and you may see the world in a different way.

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