Mukesh Ambani’s Son Anant Looses 100 Kgs In Some Months Unbelievable Changeover!!

Ambanis are the richest family in India thanks to Dhiru bhai creating a monopoly in Petrochemicals and Mukesh Ambani carrying it further and multiplying the business. Mukesh has two sons Akash and Anant. In the above photograph, Anant is the one who seems to be carrying too much weight around.

You must have also seen him on TV during the live telecast of Mumbai Indians matches. He sits next to his mother Nita Ambani who is the owner of Mumbai Indians team.

Anant has been a butt of jokes related to his weight but he seems to have taken one such bet seriously and decided to lose all the extra weight. And guess what – he has successfully lost 100 kgs in a span of just three months.

He has taken help of a US based Fitness trainer to achieve the same. But boy o boy – you sure are hardworking and the right heir to this vast empire.

First time in slim avtaar media found him at Temple.