Mukesh Ambani Ne Nita Ka Pyaar Pane Ke Liye Kiya Tha Mumbai Ki Baso Mai Safar

IPL team Mumbai Indians owner Nita Ambani’s chic are so well known. His stately home, their 3 million tea, their money. People prefer to discuss everything. But about them and more about which will hardly knows. There are many aspects of their personal life, knowing that there would be more respect you for Nita.

Nita Ambani was seen during a dance show. Mukesh Nita saw them fell in love. He first called to speak to Nita, Nita was so angry his phone was disconnected. Mukesh Ambani called him again and told her that she would be speaking Mukesh Ambani, Mukesh Ambani and Nita respond to that if they if they have Elizabeth Taylor. Nita so by speaking the phone was disconnected.


Jab Mukesh Ambani Ne Unhe Teesri baar Phone Kiya To Unki Baat Nita Ke Pita Se Huyi Aur Unhone Nita Ko Bataya Ki Sach Mai Unke Liye Mukesh Ambani Ka hi Phone Aaya Hai.


Nita and Mukesh Ambani Mukesh Ambani was the date he came back from their expensive cars. Nita Ambani was a day ahead of the best bus to travel in the bus said. Mukesh and Nita often in Mumbai after which the bus was traveling.
Nita Ambani is to teach love, married Nita had opened a school where they were taught daily.


Nita Ambani was after 8 years of marriage becomes the mother. After which he had said that this moment is the happiest moment of his life.
Nita Ambani picture of your children do not like to put on social networking sites. They believe the children of the world to their name, the name of the parents do not.


Nita Ambani Har Roz Subh 7 Baje Uth Jati Hai. Aur Ye Unki Bachpan Ki Aadat Hai.


Subh Uth kar Nita Dance Jarur Karti Hai Aur Unke Liye Dance Meditation Jaisa Hota Hai.


Nita also learned a lot from their children. When he was making the timetable of school, he had every subject for 1 hour. But their children refuse to do so and asked for just 40 minutes every topic. Attention is wandering in the last 20 minutes. Nita was the right thing and he has 40 minutes to each subject.


Nita Ambani 3 million drinking tea in his private life are like a common woman. Nita Ambani to know about these things, surely you must have been surprised. India’s richest woman to share these things with my friends to hear the post.

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