Do You Have A Mole On One Of These Places On Your Body? This Is What It Means!

Moles are on most of the people’s body. Let them be small, medium or big. Let them be on the face, the neck, legs, chest, back or anywhere else. They are certain indicators of the positions of a person in life on the aspects of wealth, health and fortune. Lets read on to find what a mole means on a particular part of our body.

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1. Between the eyebrows

They are a sign of money. The person with a mole between his eyebrows is likely to be rich. The work would pay off more for him than others.

2. Between the eye and the eyebrow

When one has a mole in this spot, you can rely on him to be a family person. He is communicative and has leaderly instincts.

3. On the temple

The travel opportunities seem high for people who have one on the temple. They are likely to travel a lot whether it be a job, a leisure or a passion related trip.

4. On the palm of your hand

You can easily become a leader because you are a smart and ambitious person. If the mole is on the back of your palm, it indicates that you have a strong financial ability and management.

5. On the upper lip

You are a person who worries the most about food and clothing. You are a good friend who is popular among friends and you possess good interpersonal skills.

6. On the feet

The one with this has a flexible mind. They tend to try new cuisines and lifestyles. They are adaptable to change and work on it better than others.

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