5 Silly Mistakes In Salman Khan’s Tubelight You Did Not Notice..

Salman Khan again made a grand entry this year with his much-awaited film, Tubelight. His fans were eagerly waiting for his movie. The film hit the screens three days earlier than Eid. Although we didn’t witness mobbing crowd this time as we have seen in the earlier events, still his die-hard fans managed to Bhai’s film.

Unfortunately, Salman Khan did not manage to impress his fans this time. Our expectations were quite high but it couldn’t spread its magic on the big screens.

It did not receive good reviews from the critics as well. The movie in spite of all these hurdles is making its way to success although started with a decent pace. However, like any other Bollywood movies, it has many loopholes.

Below are 6 blunders which are committed in Tubelight which probably escaped your eyes. Have a look!

1. The softy

While watching Tubelight, you might have overlooked the fact that the movie is set in 1962. Here we can see that Matin and Salman were enjoying a Softy. But how can they possibly eat a thing which had no existence earlier than it was first introduced in the markets? According to historical facts, KWALITY Wall’s and Amul launched Softy’s first in 2000.


2. Lonely Laxman?

After his brother leaves for the war, Salman Khan aka Laxman is let all alone. He is mentally retarded and has no one to care for him except for his brother. Now the question is after parting with Bharat, how did he manage to get money for all his expenses. Bharat used to work at Panditji’s (Om Puri) ashram before he leaves for war. Apart from all his expenses on food, how did he manage to spend Rs 23 for buying his brother’s shoes? After all 23 rupees was considered a very big amount in the 1960s.


3. The war

Matin and his mother Zhu Zhu are of Chinese descent who had been living in Calcutta for a long time. Due to the unrest caused by the war in Calcutta, they move to Kumaon(today’s Uttarakhand). Now, taking their safety into consideration, we would like to acquaint you with the absurdness of the plot here. The distance between Calcutta and China border is 1755 KM while that between Kumaon and China border is 1443 km. Which is safer?


4. She leaves

The war’s over and now Zuzu decides to leave for Calcutta again to take care of her father in the hospital. But we can easily see that it is not in Calcutta but in Uttarakhand where she is looking after her bed-ridden, army-retired father.


5. The uncertain death

After Bharat goes off to war, there was no news of him for quite some time. But everyone including Salman in the movie takes it as a sign of his death. Bharat lends his army shoes to one of the jawans, who later loses them life at war. Due to Bharat’s details on the badge attached to the shoe, the army declares him dead. However, the shoes never reach Laxman and they complete all the funeral rites of Bharat.


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