Daughter Of A Millionaire Gave Up Dad’s Money To Marry A Commoner

Today most of the people believe that power, money, and status is everything. You can buy anything from money. It would be too filmy to say but someone said it right you can buy anything but not love. In the world of social media when we all believe that true love doesn’t exist anymore, a millionaire’s daughter did something that will make you believe in love again.


Khoo Kay Peng is on of the richest man in Malaysia with a net worth of US$300 million. He was ranked 44th number by the Forbes magazine on the list of Malaysia’s 50 richest people.

 His daughter Angeline Francis Khoo left his US$300 million fortune to marry a commoner.


Angelie is the fourth child of Khoo. And her mother Pauline Chai is Khoo’s ex-wife and former Malaysian beauty queen. After 43 years of marriage, they decided to part ways and got separated.

“I believed dad’s stance was wrong, so there was no question about what was right,” said Ms Khoo in an interview.


She met Jedidiah Francis when she was pursuing a course at Oxford University in 2008. Both fell in love and decided to marry. But Angeline’s father was against this marriage. She still married Francis by going against her father.

Francis is a Carribean born data scientist. They tied knots in the Pembroke College Chapel wih only 30 guests.


 “I’ve been fortunate to have that perspective: you can have money and it’s a blessing; it allows you to do things and gives you options, but there are also things that come with it, such as control. Money amplifies negative characteristics and that can cause problems. To walk away from that was actually very easy. I didn’t even consider it,” said Ms Khoo.
There was no one from Khoo’s side to give blessings to the couple. In an interview, she told that her dad is not talking to her anymore. She is a successful fashion designer and running her own fashion brand.