This Transgender’s Alluring Looks Will Definitely Blow Your Mind

It’s not easy being a transgender especially in a country like India where they are mocked upon and not treated normal. However, there are few transgenders who despite all the adversities, followed their heart.


Let us introduce you to Bishem Huirem who is extremely talented and equally beautiful. Bishesh Huirem is one such transgender who followed her heart. 27 years old Huirem hails from Manipur and is a Manipuri actress.


Her beauty is mesmerizing and anyone can fall in love with her. Last year she participated in Thailand’s Miss International Queen Beauty pageant. This beauty pageant is held especially for transgenders and has been held annually since 2004.



Only 30 contestants are selected from 155 countries and Bishem was one of them. She is a fashion graduate from Bangalore university and one of the highest paid actresses of Manipur. Furthermore, re she runs her own bridal salon.


When she was asked about her transition process, she said, “It was the day when I realised myself I would never hide my gender identity. Yes,it is a tremendously difficult process to keep balance between my family’s expectations and my choice. “
She further added, “None of our parents is happy, when their child is born as a son and acts as the opposite sex. If I have to mention the hardest one, it was to convince my family about my gender and sexuality. “

Message from Bishem to all the transgenders out there

“To all my transgender sisters who are struggling with gender dysphoria, I recommend to accept the fact that “we are born in this way and it is not possible to change.”