Meet The Man Behind Winning Of Modi As PM & Nitish Kumar As CM


The Public Relation firms are going strong for some reasons only, they do have the power to bring out the best or at least represent things in an immense positive light. Mind takes over the logical reasoning, the other person is a clear winner. This is called campaigning. And, if you are on the right side, there is a sure shot stamp over your winning.

But what there’s an action that goes behind all these. And, there’s a master mind behind all these. In India, there has been a wave of Election campaigns and much hype were given during Electoral Campaigns. The recent elections in India saw a new wave making to the headline, with slogans and tagline created to attract the voters. Let us introduce to you now, Mr.Prashant Kishor., the man behind the much acclaimed, “chai pe charcha” and during the Modi’s election campaign, and this time around he was hired again, during the Bihar Election to design the strategy for elections for helping the Grand Alliance sweep the Assembly Elections with a clear majority.

Prashant Kishor, who hails from Buxar used to work as a public health expert with United Nations in Africa. He quit his job to work with Modi during the 2012 Elections,and become the Chief Campaign Strategist. He brought in together people from walks like MBA, Legal and IT professionals to form a group known as the Citizens for Accountable Governance (CAG). His idea to work for Nitish Kumar was the fact that he believed that he is reliable and dependable politicians who has brought about a change in many fronts of Bihar.

Prashant coined the Parcha pe Charcha for Nitish’s party, also made the comic series “Munna se Nitish” highlighting the achievements in a unique way. There were many more creative ideas crafted by him.

What we are looking forward is who is the next politicians who wants to win and hire him?
Will Prashant make a hat-trick in helping parties win?

News Source DNA India