You”ll Never Go To McDonald’s Again After Seeing These Disturbing Pics Of The Outlet

When we were back in school, then most of the time we used to revolve around McDonald’s outlet. Today also, the happy meal excites us as much as it did in our childhood. However, after seeing these pics you won’t be able to go to McDonald’s again.


Like most of us visit McDonald from time to time, a boy named Nick from Louisiana also visited an outlet a few days back. When he visited there he saw some disturbing of ice cream machine.


He was stunned to see the gross condition of the machine. It was smeared with grease, fungus and things we probably don’t know about. Now you can imagine, how unhygienic the ice-cream would be to come out of the gross machine.

He took pics of the gross machine. Disturbed by the sight of the machine, he decided to share the pics with the world.

Nick captioned the pic,”This came out of McDonald’s ice cream machine in case you all were wondering.”

Side of the ice cream machine

Grease trap


This post was tweeted by Nick on 15 July 2017. More than 13 thousand comments have been done on this post so far. while some believed in what he said, some people questioned the authenticity of the pics.

As of now,  McDonald’s has not given any clarification in their defense. We are wondering what they have to say on this.