Check Out The Luxurious Bungalows Of World Famous Cricketers

The lives of cricketers have improved a lot in the gone years. It will be wise to say that their on-field sweat has gone in no vain. They live an elegant life, and they own some of the best bikes and cars in the world. From dance floors to gyms to their own cricket pitches and home theatres, these cricketers’ Luxurious Bungalows have every amenity one can dream of.

Here are 10 cricketers and their super Luxurious Bungalows:-

1. Sachin Tendulkar

His 5-storey residence in Bandra, Mumbai is spread over 6000 square feet. It has two basements, one of which is for his cars. The ground floor is for his awards and achievements. The second floor is for his kids and guests while the top floor is for him and his beloved wife. The terrace has a huge swimming pool.

Luxurious Bungalows

2. Sourav Ganguly

Known as The Prince Of Calcutta, Sourav Ganguly owns a palatial house with 48 rooms and a cricket pitch in his house. The house has dining rooms, bed rooms, and master-suites which have magnificent wooden furnishing.

Luxurious Bungalows

3. Brett Lee

After selling his Lane Cover 2 million property, Brett Lee moved into a lavish Seaford Mansion on the Sydney’s Middle Harbour. His house has its own spa, pool, and a gym.

Luxurious Bungalows

4. Chris Gayle

The Jamaican cricketer lives in a million-dollar 3-storey house which gives a fantastic view of the town. His house has all the necessities from pool and deck at the back of the house to a dance floor, a theatre, and a billiard room.

Luxurious Bungalows

5. Michael Clarke

The retired cricketer’s 5-bedroom Vaucluse is the ultimate place for the family lifestyle. Clarke’s $8.5 million lavish home is located in the Eastern Suburbs. It has its own swimming pool, cricket ground, and 4-car’s locked up garage.

Luxurious Bungalows

6. Kumar Sangakkara

Kumar Sangakkara’s beautiful bungalow carefully trimmed garden with fruits and flowers and a gated driveway. Interiors of the house are filled with art work and wooden furniture with rattan weave. The cricketer still resides here with his family.

Luxurious Bungalows

7. Shane Watson

The retired Australian cricketer owns a luxurious bungalow in Bronte worth $9 million. His 4-bedroom villa is an absolutely splendid place to live.

Luxurious Bungalows

8. MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni is another cricketer who owns a luxurious house painted in some attractive combinations. He lives with his wife and daughter in this bungalow.

Luxurious Bungalows

9. David Warner

The Australian opener’s 4-storey, 5-bedroom villa gives a panoramic view of the Gordan Bay. He lives with his wife and children there.

Luxurious Bungalows

10. Shane Warne

The Australian spinner owns a beautiful mansion in Brighton. The four-bedroom mansion has its own tennis court, swimming pool (inscribed with his jersey number 23), an expansive backyard, an entertainment space, and a 10-car underground garage.

Luxurious Bungalows

Which one of these Luxurious Bungalows did you like the most?