Lesser Known Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Instantly Boost Your Speed

Keyboard shortcuts are very useful for every kind of computer user. They play a vital role in boosting productivity. If your daily work involves the use of a computer, then you definitely know how much useful keyboard shortcuts are. Therefore today we have brought to you some lesser known keyboard shortcuts that will boost your speed.


OS X keyboard

Command + Up Arrow — To Immediately scroll to the top of any web page.

Command + Down Arrow — To Immediately scroll to the bottom of any web page.

Command + H — To Quickly hide all open windows

Command + 1 — To cycle through open tabs on your browser.

Option + Delete — To delete one word at a time

Command + Shift + T — To open up the most recently closed tab in your browser.

Command + F3 — To instantly removes all app windows


⊞ Win keyboard

Win — To open the Start Menu, in Windows 8.1

Win + B — To select the first icon in the Notification Area

Win + C  -To shows the Charm Bar

Win + D — To immediately minimize all the opened windows


Win + E — To open Windows Explorer

 Win + F — To files and folders

 Win + K — To open a new Start menu

Win + M — To minimizes all windows;

Win + Shift + M — To restore windows that were minimized

For a starter, it’s not easy to remember all the shortcuts in a one go. So start practicing with few shortcuts and once you become a pro in them, get your hands on new one.