27-Year-old Kritika Choudhay Found Dead in Mumbai Apartment

Yet another shocking incident took place yesterday in Andheri West after a TV actress and model Kritika Choudhary was found dead in her apartment. Police suspect that the 27-year-old was murdered in her home 3-4 days back.

The actress was found dead under mysterious circumstances at her apartment. Police suspect that it is the case of murder however the murderer is yet to be identified. The police initially filed an ADR – Accidental Death Report. But during the investigation, it came out that Kritika was murdered.

After a call from neighbors, police broke open the door of the apartment of Kritika Choudhary which had stayed bolted four days

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At around 3:45 PM police broke open the door of Kritika Choudhary’s apartment after a complaint was reported by the neighbors due to foul smell emitting from her flat. Her decomposed body was found there and the air conditioning of the flat was on so as to contain the foul smell.has now been sent for autopsy for further investigation.

Police suggest that the murder must have taken place 3-4 days ago. The body has now been sent for autopsy for further investigation.

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A police officer said, “The AC of the room was on so that smell could not come out soon. We believe she was murdered three to four days back, today foul smell started emitting.”

They further said, “Primarily an accidental death report is registered and the investigation is in progress. We know that she was an actress.”

kritika choudharysource

Kritika Choudhary originally hailed from Haridwar. She was a struggling actress living in Mumbai. She had played a bit part in Kangana Ranaut 2013 film Rajjo and also the Ekta Kapoor’s 2011 TV serial Parichay that also starred Sameer Soni and Keerti Nagpure in the lead.

The 27-year-old was working in a TV serial currently.