Kapil Sharma Wins The TRP Race And Beats Sunil Grover, Time To Celebrate For Kapil

The story of Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover is not going to end soon. Now, it seems that Kapil is winning the battle of TRP race. Kapil Sharma won the race as the TRP of “The Kapil Sharma Show” was more than a singing reality show Indian Idol in which Sunil acted as Dr. Mashoor Gulati.

The Kapil Sharma Show got 4.6 million impressions whereas Indian Idol got 4.2 million impressions in which Sunil acted as Dr. Mashoor Gulati. Therefore, we can say that audience love Kapil more than Sunil.



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Out of the most loved characters of The Kapil Sharma Show, Dr. Mashoor Gulati was the one and people are really missing him a lot. After the performance of Sunil Grover on Indian Idol, some said that he would surely defeat Kapil, but if we look at the reports it shows something else.

After the fight occurred between Kapil and Sunil, many audiences boycotted the show. After that Sunil Confirmed that he won’t come back on the show as he wants to entertain the audience with dignity. The TRP of the show was very much decreased after Sunil Grover along with Ali Asgar, Sugandha Mishra and Chandan Prabhakar left it.

A fan posted this Sunil Grover :


Source: Twitter

According to the reports, we heard that Sony TV has given a month notice to Kapil to bring the show back on track. We also heard that Sunil Grover is coming with his own new show as he have contracts with Sony TV and they won’t let him go easily. Sugandha Mishra will join him on his new show.

After seeing all this it is cleared that we are not going to see Kapil and Sunil together again but still there fans waiting to see them together again.