Huge Cut Down In Kapil Sharma’s Fee While Sunil Doubles, Here’s How Much They Getting Paid

Post the mid air brawl, Sunil Grover was hardly seen anywhere on the screen. He made few guest appearances on some reality shows. Apart than that, he did few live performance. The latest news coming about the comedian is that he has doubled his fees.

Sunil Groversource

Since the duo parted ways, Sunil has been getting many offers from various shows. Be it as Gutthi, Rinku Bhabhi or Dr. Mashoor Gulati, audience has always loved him. But after the infamous brawl, his popularity reached the zenith.


Before the brawl he used to charge Rs 7-8 lakhs per episode on TKSS. Post the brawl he is charging Rs13-14 lakhs per appearance.

Sunil has been getting some really good offers for shows but he’s focussing on guest appearances and stage shows. Sunil was previously charging Rs 7-8 lakhs per episode on Kapil’s show. Now, he charges around 13-14 lakhs per appearance,” DNA quoted a source as saying.


Kapil’s arch rivalry came with his own show “Drama Company” with most of the Kapil’s ex team mates. There are reports that Sunil was also approached for it but he declined the offer. Sunil has become very choosy now and that’s why he has hiked his fees.



After the fallout with Sunil, The Kapil Sharma Show has witnessed a drastic dip in the Trp. As Kapil is struggling to keep the show running.


While Sunil has doubled his fees, Kapil has taken a cut in his pay. If reports are to be believed the ace comedian has settled for a deal cheaper than what was planned earlier.  Kapil was supposed to sign a deal of Rs 107 crore but due to the dip in the Trp has now settled for a cheaper deal.