Justin Beiber Is Staying In Mumbai Hotel & You”ll Be Shocked To Know How Much This Hotel Charges For Per Day Stay!

All the prayers of the Beliebers have been heard. Justin Beiber has touched in India for his purpose concert in Mumbai. Baby fame pop star flew into India in the night. There were hundreds of fans waiting eagerly outside Kalina airport in Mumbai to welcome him.


Image Source: NDTV

The 23-year-old pop star was seen wearing a hoodie and shorts. His security includes Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera. When JB stepped outside the Mumbai airport, the shrieking fans waiting outside erupts into cheers.


Image Source: NDTV

Salman Khan’s bodyguard is in charge of the popstar’s security. Justin Beiber is receiving a grand welcome and lavish meals especially prepared for him. This is the first time he will be performing in India and the fans are going crazy to watch the star.


Image Source: Starwoodhotels

He is staying at St. Regis Hotel In Lower parcel. This luxurious hotel charges Rs 14000-16000 for one day stay. The floors assigned to the popstar will be off limits for anyone else. Justin will flew from the hotel to the venue. He will enter the venue in his chopper.


Image Source: Deccan Chronicles

Not only him, but many other stars who are the part of this concert will enter the venue in the chopper. So it’s not only the Mumbai roads that will witness the traffic, it is also the sky which will witness many choppers flying to the venue.

He will perform at DY Patil stadium on 10 May. Many fans had arrived in Mumbai for the concert a week ago.


Image Source: Regional Tribune

Fans are leaving no stones unturned to see their favorite star in India. Reports of the mid-day suggests that there is a substantial rise in the number of helicopter flights.

D Singh, Helicopter landing officer, said, “I have reason to believe that most are for the Justin Bieber concert.” 



Image Source: NDTV

Justin Bieber was in Dubai a couple of days ago for his concert. Ahead of the concert, he tweeted, “Dubai is incredible… India you are next. Ready?”

Tweet by the Popstar before visiting India

After seeing the huge crowd of people waiting outside the airport for his arrival, we are sure he would have got the answer. The concert will start at 8 p.m in the DY Patil stadium. Justin will enter the venue at 5 P.m while the entry for the fans will be opened at 2 P.m.