Indian Military Owns These 10 High-End Weapons

India has advanced a lot and we are also growing as a global leader. We have one of the fastest growing militaries in the world. Though we are highly dependant on the foreign suppliers for equipment, the ones we have in service are of top quality. The Indian military has modified majority of the weapons received from foreign suppliers according to their requirements.

Every now and then, we are receiving war threats from the neighboring countries, China and Pakistan. So if you are clueless if we have the required weapons ready, here is a list that might help you.

So here are the 10 most powerful weapon systems used by the Indian Military:-

1. HAL Tejas MK II

Tejas MK II is a multi-role light combat aircraft with stealth capabilities. It is expected to play multiple roles, from reconnaissance to tactical and defense.

Indian Military

2. Medium Combat Aircraft

MCA is a super-maneuverable multi-role combat aircraft is mainly designed for ground strikes, intercepting and bombing. It has state of the art systems, flight surfaces and controls, and two internal weapons bays which can each carry four air-to-air missiles. It also comes armed with a 30 mm cannon.

Indian Military

3. BrahMos Mark II

It is a hypersonic cruise missile being jointly developed by India and Russia. It can be fired from aircraft, ships, submarines, and land.

Indian Military

4. UAC/HAL II-214

This medium-airlift military aircraft is being jointly developed by the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) of Russia, and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) of India. It is expected to provide with a range of 2,000 miles and 4,400 miles.

Indian Military

5. Arjun Mark II

This super tank is armed with a 120mm rifled gun which is able to fire a wide range of ammunition that is capable of penetrating modern armor. It is fitted with 8 grenade launchers. Also, it provides with a panoramic sighting system to the crew.

Indian Military

6. Agni -VI

Currently being developed by the Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Agni-VI is said to be the most advanced version of the Agni missiles. It is likely to carry up to 10 Multiple Independent Re-entry Vehicles (MIRV) warheads and will have a strike range of 8,000 km-12,000 km.

Indian Military

7. INS Vikrant

INS Vikrant will be the first aircraft carrier developed by India. It has been under construction since 2009 and is expected to be built by 2018. It is 860 ft long and 200 ft wide. INS Vikrant is expected to carry 30 fixed-wing aircraft including the MiG-29K and the Tejas Mark II on her 10,000 square meter flight deck.

Indian Military

8. DRDO Rustom II

Rustom II is inspired by the American Predator drone. It will be India’s first Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) which will travel 140 miles per hour at an altitude of about 35,000 ft. It is expected to have advanced flight controls, automatic wind de-icing, a composite frame. The aircraft is capable of landing and taking-off automatically.

Indian Military

9. Sukhoi/HAL FGFA

Sukhoi is a Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA). It is jointly being developed by India and Russia. The purpose is to compete with the F-22 Raptor and the F-35.

Indian Military

10. HAL Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) TD4

This multi-role helicopter is capable of carrying and firing missiles, rockets, and bombs. It is 15.8 meters in length with seating for two. It provides with a speed of 170 mph at an altitude of just over 21,000 feet.

Indian Military

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