In This Rare Video Aishwarya Rai Leaves David Latterman Speechless When Asked About Indian Culture!

What should a celebrity do when someone from another part of the world calls him/her on a show and try to demean the culture to which the invited celebrity belongs to?

The celebrity should smile and reply something that makes the person before him/her realize the mistake and go speechless. And that has to be done with great dignity without losing your temper.

Something of the same sort happened with Aishwarya Rai when she visited David Letterman’s show and he raised some questions on Indian culture. One of the things he asked was:-


“Is it common in India for older age children to live with parents?”

And what Aishwarya replied to this is epic:-

“It’s fine to live with your parents because it’s also common in India we don’t have to take appointment to meet our parents for dinner.”


Watch the video:-

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