You can be Imprisoned for Deleting WhatsApp Chats and E-mails Within 90 Days


ndia’s uproar for Net Neutrality is not over and now there’s one more reason for Indians to prepare for yet another fight. Indian government’s National Encryption Policy says if anybody deletes WhatsApp messages or e-mails before 90 days, the person can be jailed.

And the most laughable thing is it’s to be done for the sake of confidentiality of information and protection of sensitive or proprietary information.

An expert panel of the Department of Electronics and Information Technology drafted this policy, which needs:-

Access to Private Data of Indian Citizens

The government is all set to keep an eye over you texts, voice messages and e-mails. Even data stored in private business servers will also under this policy.

Nobody to Delete E-mails or WhatsApp Messages for 90 Days

All internet users will have to keep all the e-mails and WhatsApp chats in their accounts for 90 days. This rule is to be applicable on e-commerce and banking transactions as well.