How To Impress Anyone In Just 5 Minutes Of Conversation?

So true! First impression is the last impression. But it doesn’t last long if you fail to impress the other person from your communication. Your watch or your dress can hold attention for just a few minutes. But what really last is how you carry the conversation forward without getting it boring for the two of you.

Do you know that you can impress people in just 5 minutes of conversation? Here are few tips that you must follow for a lasting impression.

1. While talking look into their eyes


It’s one of the most important things to do while talking to someone. Your eyes say a lot about you. One can judge if you are confident or not. If you look anywhere else while talking that reflects your hesitation. And the other person might end up believing that you are not interested in talking.

2. Try to answer question with a little sense of humor


A person with a good sense of humor is always appealing to others. Instead of answering the questions directly. try to add some humor to your answers. In this way, your conversation will stay interesting for the another person.

3. Don’t ask personal questions

Avoid asking personal questions in the first meeting. It can make another person uncomfortable and he might search for the excuses to go.

4. Stay updated


Know what’s going around. Tr to stay updated with the latest headlines. That way you can impress the other person with your knowledge on current affairs. One more thing don’t show it off in front of him. Talk on the topic only when it comes up.

5. Be natural


In an attempt to impress others, sometimes we overdo. We start speaking more than usual. Be normal and original. Try not to fake yourself because originality is always preferred.

6. Give genuine compliments


There is hardly anyone in this whole world who doesn’t like compliments. Everyone likes appreciation. It makes them feel good and confident about themselves.