A Pakistani Accused ICC For Supporting India. ICC’s Mind Blowing Reply Is Breaking The Internet

Champions Trophy is something for which all the cricket fans waits eagerly. The excitement reaches its highest peak when it’s the Indo-Pakistan match. The same happened on June 4 when the match was to be played.


The world was almost stopped for the Indians as well as Pakistani fans. Fans left almost everything to watch the most awaited match between India and Pakistan. The stadium was roaring with “India India” cheers. Expectations were high from Indian team and thank God they stood by the fans’ expectations.

India won against Pakistan by 124 runs. On 8 June, the match was to be held between Sri Lanka and India. And this time after the massive victory over Pakistan fans expectations was even more.

However, this time the fans were disappointed with the team’s loss. Sri Lankan team is considered as a feeble group, so it was hard for the fans to digest this loss. they were frustrated with its loss as a loss against Sri Lanka team is not anticipated.


On June 8 when the match was on, fans cheered for the Indian team. Not only the fans, ICC also cheered for Indian team. It came as a surprise when ICC posted a pic. Moreover, it captioned the pic with smileys of Indian Flags.

Here’s the pic posted by ICC

While posting the pic ICC didn’t expect any backlash. However, some people couldn’t endure it. Yes a Pakistani Twitter user Ahmed asked ICC not to support Indian team.

He wrote,”I dare you to stop kissing India’s ass for 5 minutes. Just 5 minutes.”

It looked like he tried to vent out the frustration of Pakistan’s lose with India on ICC. Though he tried to troll the ICC, he failed to do so. ICC gave him a mind blowing reply.

ICC replied, “Don’t suppose you were following us yesterday by chance? ???”

That was one good dose of Sarcasm given by ICC to the Twitter user. Good job ICC!