IAS Officer Met Narendra Modi Wearing Sunglasses. What Happened To Him Was Not Expected

In a bizarre move, a Chattisgarh IAS officer met honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi wearing Sunglasses. Last year while Narendra Modi was on a one day visit to Chhattisgarh, Amit Kataria who was at that time IAS officer of that area supposed to receive him.

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While receiving the Prime Minister he violated the dress code and protocol. A warning letter was issued to him which read “it has come to notice that you were not wearing proper dress and had also put on sunglasses”.


N Gopalaswami who has served as CEC and Union home secretary said, “As per convention, any officer receiving the Prime Minister, President or Vice-President, at his place of posting or a public function, should be dressed in a formal attire, which may be a bandhgala or a western suit worn with a tie,” 


As the IAS officer represented the state government in the district, he was supposed to be wearing a “Bandhgala”.  He was warned to not violate the dress code and protocol in the future.

After getting popular for his improper dress code the IAS officer is again in news. Unlike the last time, this time is for the right reason.


Mr. Kataria is a hardworking and honest officer. He ensured proper administrative system in the area wherever he was transferred. His hardwork has finally paid him off. Mr. Modi has given him a role at the centre.

He is rewarded with a role at Ministry of Urban Development. The hard working IAS officer has been promoted to the rank of Land and Development Officer of New Delhi.Mr. Amit took to Facebook to share this news.

Here’s his Facebook post

He captioned the pic, “From Bastar to Delhi..it’s another giant leap. Joined as L&DO..Land and development officer of New Delhi, and will be looking after the land management of Lutyens Delhi. “