Honeypreet Singh In An Unlawful Relation With Ram Rahim, Claims Ex-Husband

Gurmeet Ram Rahim has become the center of controversies these days. Though he’s been sentenced to imprisonment, his followers are creating havoc which is still keeping him in the limelight. The self-styled guru hosted a lavish party at his Dera Sacha Sauda Asharam, in December 2009. Many of his devotees were invited there including Vishwas Gupta and his wife Priyanka (or Honeypreet Singh).

Honeypreet Singh

Since then the Messenger of God has been claiming that he has adopted Priyanka as his Dharam Beti

Soon after inviting Vishwas Gupta and wife daughter to the party, Ram Rahim started giving him VIP treatment. The devotees might think that it was a privilege for Vishwas but it wasn’t.

It didn’t take him long to realize the cruel intentions of Ram Rahim. It turned out that he always had eyes on his wife Priyanka, who he even renamed as Honeypreet Singh. They are alleged to be having an affair.

Honeypreet Singh

In order to cover up his acts, Ram Rahim declared Honeypreet Singh to be his adopted daughter

During one night in May 2011, Vishwas was shaken out of his blind faith in the Godman finally. He was at the Dera Sacha Sauda camp that evening and on finding the godman’s cave open, he went inside only to find his wife and the Baba in an awkward position.

Honeypreet Singh

According to Vishwas Gupta, Gurmeet warned him of the dire consequences if he chooses to disclose the truth. Thereafter, he left the Dera camp with his family and settled in Panchkula. But Baba’s operatives never let him live peacefully.

Soon after, he filed a petition before the Punjab and Haryana High Court seeking the release of his wife from the Dera chief in 2011. The exposure of Ram Rahim by his SON-IN-LAW heated controversies.

Honeypreet Singh left her husband after meeting the Baba and is spotted with him at several events

Honeypreet Singh

Honeypreet Singh was spotted alongside her “papa” at the screening of his movie Messenger Of God. She was last seen accompanying him to the CBI in Panchkula. She boarded the special helicopter from Panchkula with the convicted godman to see him off to a jail at Rohtak.