Hollywood Copied Bollywood! You Won’t Believe It But It is TRUE!

We have always criticized Bollywood for copying Hollywood movies. Plagiarism is well embedded in our film industry as well. We cannot disagree how disgusting it is to feel that our story writers don’t have any good scripts anymore.

It is no more than biopics on famous people or some die-hard romantic movies. The trend of biopics in Bollywood manifests a herd mentality which is not something easy to digest.

But here still are some very interesting Bollywood movies which turned the tables upside down and became an inspiration for the West.

Here are 5 times when Bollywood copied Hollywood and it is awesome.

1. A Wednesday/A Common Man

It is so far the only movie which has its remake in Tamil and Telegu film industry. Even Hollywood was so captivated by this thriller flick that they reconstructed their own version as A Common Man. It starred Ben Kingsley in leading role.

hollywood copied bollywood


2. Vicky Donar/Delivery Man

We all were in a delusion that Delivery Man was a rip off of Vicky Donar. Apparently, both were a copy of French-Canadian Comedy movie, Starbuck.

hollywood copied bollywood

3. Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya/Just Go With It

Both the films are the plagiarized products of American Comedy Cactus Flower released in 1969. The movie starred  Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, and Nicole Kidman in leading roles.

hollywood copied bollywood source

4. Parinda/Broken Horses

Vidhu vinod Chopra’s Parinda was a 2015 film. Hollywood copied Bollywood and recreated it under the name of Broken Horses. However, the American mystery thriller failed to impress its western audience receiving mixed reviews.

hollywood copied bollywood


5. Sangam/Pearl Harbor

Although it is not yet official if the inspiration behind Pearl Harbor was the 1964 movie, Sangam. But one who watches both the films would probably find some eerie similarities. Pearl Harbor is a 2001 American romantic period war film directed by Michael Bay.

hollywood vopied bollywood

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