10 Hilarious Memes On India-Pakistan Match That Will Charge You Up With Cricket Fever

Words fall short to describe the cricket fever in India. The excitement gets doubled especially when the match is between the arch rivalries India and Pakistan. The much-awaited match of India vs. Pakistan has again hit all the cricket enthusiasts.

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The day when these two Asian teams clash head to head becomes an official holiday for all the cricket fans. However, Virat Kohli-led Indian team is going to enjoy a sheer dominance over Sarfraz Ahmed captained Pakistan. In fact,  in the first match of the tournament, India won by 124 runs.


People are going crazy over the India-Pakistan match that is going to be played in few hours. Twitter is filled with hilarious memes that describe the cricket fever among the people. Here are 10 best hilarious memes that will make charge you up. Have a look and enjoy!

This picture is enough!

A class on how to win match against India

The why do you even try Pakistan

Truly said!

Kohli aka Cricket’s Baahubali

Inse na ho paega!

A small gift for all the Pakistani

Excitement for India-Pakistan match

Afridi-Kohli moment

These memes truly depict the India-Pakistan fever. Share these memes with your friends who are also a cricketer enthusiast.