Hilarious Conversation Between Dog & His Owner When He Got a New Kitten

Dogs are the best creature on four legs that God has created. They are the most loyal, loving, caring, and intelligent animals in the world. They really deserve the title ‘A man’s best friend’. When it comes to these fluffballs, even the slightest wag of their tail has the magical ability to melt your heart. No matter how hard the day has gone, spending just a few minutes with your dog is enough to lighten up your mood.

These creatures love every other animal equally. Oh, wait! No, they don’t! Did I forget to mention CATS?

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It is an accepted notion that cats and dogs are born enemies. They just can’t stand each other’s presence. Some dog breeds even possess a strong prey drive against cats. They don’t get along easily except for when a cat and dog has been raised together.

Cases, where cats and dogs have been raised together, is an exceptional case where the two animals can be best friends. Like in the case of a Golden Retriever and Jack Russel which are considered to be the friendliest dog breeds in the world. However, like I said, if the two are brought up together, even a Boxer could be friends with a cat. They can share a very special bond.

It seems like in this hilarious conversation the dog is looking for the same!

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It’s obvious he can’t talk but this owner managed to speak for himself and his dog, and the result is a hilarious conversation!

Seems like the pup is very excited about getting a new best friend. He just can’t control his excitement and is jumping around the room the whole time. We just can’t get enough of this pair and their hilarious conversation.

Does your dog have a kitty best friend?