10 High-Budget Movies That Didn’t Work Well At The Box Office

Indian film industry is famous for making the maximum amount of films in a year. Hundreds of movies are released every year and crores of the amount is spent on their making. But not all of these high-budget movies work well at the box office.

Their promo and songs are a hit even before they get released. Their satellite rights are sold at an impressive price. They have high expectations from everyone but somehow people don’t like them and they come up short at the box office.

Here are 10 high-budget movies that turn out to be a major flop:-

1. Raavan

People were expecting a lot from this adventure movie, starring the famous couple – Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan. But to everyone’s surprise, it turned out to be a major flop. It failed to impress the audience and managed to earn only half of the amount spent on its making.

High-Budget Movies

2. Bombay velvet

It was one of the most anticipated movies of 2015 as it stared Anushka Sharma and Ranbir Kapoor for the first time. But it was a major disappointment! Made in 120 Cr the movie faced the loss of 98 Cr!

High-Budget Movies

3. Love Story 2050

This film was an experiment to display the future and romance. But this experiment ended up being a 60 Cr loss!

High-Budget Movies

4. Shaandar

After giving back-to-back major hits, a lot was expected from Alia Bhatt. But this romantic-comedy failed to leave its imprints on the hearts of the audience. An amount of 75 crores were spent on it and it earned only 60 crores!

High-Budget Movies

5. Blue

The action-adventure film cast the three best actors in Bollywood. It was one of the most anticipated films made with a budget of 129 crores. It suffered a loss of 55 crores!

High-Budget Movies

6. Saawariya

The movie failed to compete with SRK’s Om Shanti Om and suffered a loss of 40 crores!

High-Budget Movies

7. Drona

Abhishek Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra starer Drona was one of the super flop movies of all time. It was a fantasy-adventure movie, released back in 2008. 60 crores were spent on the film’s making and it suffered a heavy loss of 51 crores!

High-Budget Movies

8. Raju Chacha

A total amount of 30 crores were spent on the making of this movie and it managed to earn only half of the amount.

High-Budget Movies

9. Kites

According to the sources, this film was made in the budget of 82 crores, and sufferd a loss of 150 crores to the makers and distributors!

High-Budget Movies

10. Ram Gopal Verma Ki AAG

RGV’s 2007 film AAG suffered a heavy loss of 15 crores. It was discouraged by the audience and people considered it as a subject of torturing.

High-Budget Movies

This list of high-budget movies is quite surprising, right?