Here’s The Reason As To Why There’s A Plastic Table At The Center Of The Pizza

If you are one of those pizza lovers who enjoy having their favorite pizza delivered at your door step then you must have noticed that plastic triangle table at the center of your pizza. Do you know why the restaurants put that at the center of your pizza?


No that’s not for a decoration purpose but it’s a very essential part of your pizza. This plastic table was invented 30 years ago to prevent the topping stick to the cardboard box. And it is known as Pizza saver.


This pizza saver can either be triangular or circular in shape. It is there to make sue that the topping doesn’t collapse or stick on the cardboard. So this plastic piece acts as a guardian for our pizza topping until our pizza reaches us.


On February 10, 1983 Carmela Vitale invented pizza saver and got a patent issued for that piece of plastic.

In her patent application, she detailed the pizza saver which was a tiny plastic table that provided support to the sagging pizza box.

Structural detail of the pizza saver

Vitale wrote in the patent application that “there is a tendency of the covers to sag or to be easily depressed at their center portions. So that they may damage or mark the pies or cakes during storage or delivery”. And that it was necessary to create “a lightweight and inexpensive device” that was made from “one of the plastics which is heat resistant”

In order to attract customers, pizzas are being delivered to their homes from a long time. Had the pizza saver not been there, we won’t be able to enjoy our pizza like we do today.

So the next time you get your pizza delivered at your home, don’t forget to thank that plastic table that is placed at the center of your pizza.