Here We Brings Out Reason, Why Not Fall For Freedom 251 SCAM

Please consider this is a public service announcement. Do not fall for the Freedom 251 marketing campaign. It is almost impossible for a smartphone to be priced at Rs. 251. The fact that the company making it, Ringing Bells Private Limited, is only five months old and completely unknown, you should be careful. Here are some very obvious indications that it is a scam:

Reason 1 – The freedom251 website was created only on February 10th, about a week back. The Ringing Bell company website does not even list the freedom251 phone.


Reason 2 – The marketing copy on the freedom251 website is copied word for word from the Huawei P8 product description.


Reason 3  – There are many consumer complaints that the company numbers and emails are wrong.


This is what we found in our research, tell us what you think?

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