Hema Malini’s Tweet about Pratyusha’s Suicide has SHOCKED everyone!


The whole country is shocked with the seemingly popular and well doing Pratyusha Banerjee (popular for her role in Balika Vadhu) committing suicide. It is becoming increasingly frequent for popular people to be under intense pressure/depression making them take this extreme step.

Almost everyone is sympathetic towards her and her family; however, in the latest turn of events – Bollywood’s Dream Girl – Hema Malini has come out with a tweet saying – “One Must learn to overcome all odds and emerge successful , not succumb under pressure and give up easily. The world admires a fighter not a loser.”

She seems to be not sympathetic towards the event and the twitter junta has not taken this lightly. They have, in fact, flaked the Dream Girl harshly for such an insensitive comment.

Some of the responses on Twitter are given below –

Some linked this to Hema Malini’s political affiliation.

While some of them called her outright insensitive.

Some were highly disturbed by her commenting on a dead soul and were not polite in their responses.

@Aakib25 blamed the response on Hemaji’s lack of knowledge of a condition called “Depression”.

While some like @Naveenk made fun of her for giving such an idiotic tweet.

@Masalabai gave a pretty balanced response and was really elegant in giving the criticism.

So, what do you think was Hemaji’s intention while tweeting this out. Was there malice on her part or just a good tweet taken in the wrong direction by Twitter Brigade?

Source: Twitter