Hema Malini Calls Suicides ‘Senseless’, Says ’The World Admires A Fighter Not A Loser’

When people are thinking about ‘suicide’ as an easiest option, the veteran actor Hema Malini has a fitting reply for all those. In her twitter handle, the actor tweeted about suicide, struggling, and drugs.

The whole industry as well as the country has still not got over the shock from Pratyusha Banerjee’s suicide case. Not only she, but there is a long list of actors taking this step out of frustration.

But Hema Malini instead of mourning over the tragic death, like many other celebs, said that she considers suicide as an option of losers. Winners do not take such step.

The tweets no doubt came in context of Pratyusha. She said, ‘The world admires a fighter, not a loser’

Life is indeed the most beautiful gift of God, and one must respect it.

She even took media to task.

What do you think about her opinion?