Heart-Wrenching Letter By The Girl Who Was Raped By Ram Rahim

The violence caused by the savages of Ram Rahim has killed at least 30 people and injured almost 300. Not just this, but they have also caused some huge structural damages. But all this is what happened after the Baba got arrested. Want to know what was written in the heart-wrenching letter that helped in arresting him?

An open letter was written by the rape victim to then-prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 2002. It has surfaced on the Internet again, where she expressed how torturous that dark time was, when her own guru raped him.

This is the heart-wrenching letter written by the Sadhwi who was raped by Gurmeet Ram Rahim for 3 years-

Heart-Wrenching Letter

Heart-Wrenching Letter

Heart-Wrenching Letter

Soon after the letter was posted on the Internet, it got flooded with comments. People showed their disgrace towards those who blindly believe in such babas and give them the honor of a God. Some of them expressed their anger by writing about how these perverts should be punished. While some praised the girl for showing the courage to come forward and pulling off the mask from his head.

Here are some of the comments that flooded the internet soon after the letter was posted:

Heart-Wrenching Letter

Heart-Wrenching Letter

People also suggested their ideas on how can this system be improved.

It was a shame seeing that on one hand, people go on a candle march when a girl is raped and murdered. On the other hand, the same people act like savages and burn vehicles, when a culprit is punished for his doings.

Now that Ram Rahim has been sentenced to 10 years jail, people are pouring their anger and opinions through Facebook posts. Check out some of the tweets here:-

The above tweet is an absolute representation of how Indian behave when they reach any Baba!

Keep calm, because Indians have found a new baba

Is there any Messenger Of God who can explain this guy the logic?

Please help me, a few thousands are following a rapist and I am unable to make sense out of it. Any Messenger of God who can explain me the logic?

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