He Took The Game Of Chor-Police To A Different Level Altogether


It is a normal thing when the wife asks the husband to get new bulb or lights to replace the fused ones at home. Many of the men just forget by the end of the day. It rings as a reminder when men are on the way back to their home after work.

The problem arises when it is post 1:00 am and there are no shops open to buy the stuff.

Similar might have been the case with this cop. As per the CCTV footage, this cop is caught removing some public property post mid-night. Wonder if he knew that he was under CCTV coverage.

You need to watch this video to understand what actually happens to the street lights, where do they go?

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Do let us know what you think should be done with this Chor-Police. Looking forward for your suggestions and comments below!