16 Year Old Indian Boy in Hospital After Reading This Fake Letter from Google!

Do not believe everything which is found on the internet these days. Most of the news viral on the internet needs to be verified.

A few days ago a news about a 16-year-old guy Harshit getting a 1.44 crore annual package from Google was viral on Facebook.

Now, Google claims that it never hired any such guy. Harshit’s school principal even claimed to have a letter from Google which is full of spelling mistakes.

“Harshit got a phone call. We did not believe it at first. I kept telling him it could be a hoax,” said the mother. “He shared the information with his school principal, who further released a press note, which led to media coverage.”

This letter seems to be forged. Harshit’s parents claim that their son is a victim of a prank call. But, the school principal claims that the letter was forwarded by Harshit himself to his teachers.

Now, friends are relatives are making fun of Harshit saying he is a liar. Harshit is in a hospital because of mental trauma now.

His mother said,

“It was on Saturday that the UT administration released a press note about Harshit’s achievement. The release claimed that the internet giant would pay him Rs 12 lakh per month as salary after a year’s training. During training, it was claimed he will get a stipend of Rs 4 lakh per month.”

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