You Won’t Believe What Happens When You Hold Your Fingers Like This

People don’t know this but there are many active points in our body that give us power over our mind and body. These inactive points can be made active by holding our fingers in some particular position. Reflexologists have studied for a long time and come up with these 10 fingers positions that will make your life easier.

Here are the things that might happen if you hold your fingers in this position:-

1. Surya Mudra

Holding your ring finger and thumb in this position helps in improving digestion and metabolism. This technique also helps in contributing to lowering blood pressure and loss of appetite.


2. Palms pressed against each other

Placing your palms in this position helps in concentrating and putting your thoughts into place. It also improves the circulation of blood in the body. This technique is also followed during meditation.


3. The palm and fingers

All you have to do is place the fingers of one hand in the middle of the palm of another hand. Then massage the fingers in circular motion and inhale-exhale deeply three times. According to Reflexologists, the palm is the center of your feeling and emotions and its regular massaging helps prevent nausea, stress, diarrhea, and constipation.


4. The little finger

Experts claim that the little finger is responsible for self-esteem, nervousness, and stress. In case you are feeling down or prone to diminishing self-worth, then you should massage your little finger five times a day. While doing it, think about something good.


5. The ring finger

Massaging the ring finger five times a day helps in eliminating sadness and negative emotions from your life. While doing it, take slow deep breaths and keep yourself calm.


6. The thumb

Thumb is subject to anxiety and headaches. In case you are experiencing headache, clutch your thumb and massage it for five minutes. The pain will soon be relieved.


7. The fore finger

This finger controls muscle pain, the feeling of disappointment embarrassment, and fear. According to the studies shown by the University of Minnesota, patients with back pain and feel better after a cycle of reflex therapy. Clutch your forefinger and massage it for five minutes a day.


8. The middle finger

Massaging the middle finger five times a day contributes to decreasing blood pressure. It helps in calming you down. If you feel angry, annoyed, or more tired than usual, then don’t forget to massage your middle finger.


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