You Will Be Shocked To Know What This Guy Did After Starting Photography

Paul Wilson, a famous photographer from New Zealand is known for his breathtaking photographs of nature and galaxy.

He is a Nature and Astro photographer by profession. A native of Christchurch, New Zealand, he started taking pictures when an Earthquake struck Christchurch and spread catastrophe all around. People were struck really hard and struggling to lead a normal life after so much destruction.

The pain caused among them inspired him and he started capturing all the moments right when the natural calamity took place.

He bought a DSLR camera back in February 2013 and since then have been heavily engaged in taking shots of nature and the beautiful sky.

Wilson opened up about his career and personal life in an interview with Evrystry. Here’s an excerpt of the interview.

Q. What inspired you? What is the theme of your photography?

A. There are lots of super talented photographers out there and their work has been inspirational, it’s great being able to connect with them on social media such as Facebook, groups like LPN (landscape photographers network) and great to share and receive feedback on my images. The amount of mentors and friends I have made through this art is incredible, people are super friendly and approachable in this field.

Q. Among your works, which ones are your favorite? Why?

A. One of my favorite pictures I have taken was the Aurora Australis at the beginning of 2014. They could be seen from the Port Hills in Christchurch. It was a complete fluke, I happened to be in the right place at the right time. A photographer friend of mine messaged me and told me to point my camera south. I was shocked at what appeared on my viewfinder after a long exposure!

Q.  How is the photography impacted your life? Any positive changes in your life since you started photography?

Photography has really changed my life, I like being able to capture my memories and locations I have traveled to. When my baby son is old enough (currently 7 months) I can’t wait to show him my pictures and take him with me on my adventures. After he was born I started pursuing the professional side of photography, not only to better myself but to ensure his future will be brighter.

I completely stopped drinking because it was a problem for me, far too time-consuming and I didn’t want him brought up in that environment. Eventually, I hope to open a gallery and studio. Life and portrait photography such as Personal shoots for couples, families, and friends, and weddings are always a nice experience and is something I do a little of but also really enjoy.

Here are some very beautiful clicks from his wonderful photography collection-

Aurora, Australis

Aurora, Australis

Sunset at Birdling’s Flat

“This was a very cold day for summer, the wind was blowing hard from the west right at me, the sun was non existent, but these long standing brothers were used to being battered from all conditions.”

Kaitorete Spit, New Zealand

“It was such a nice illuminating golden light on Sunday evening, it almost caught me by surprise! Taken from Kaitorete Spit facing towards Lake Ellesmere. This panorama is comprised of 8 frames.”

Lake Ellesmere (Te Waihora) on the horizon

It was captioned,”The sun had just risen and I had been awake shooting starscapes all night, it felt incredibly bright on my coffee fueled tired eyes.”

Monks Bay, Christchurch


Taken during the heaviest rainfall at Christchurch.

Abandoned war base at Godley Heads Reserve

Birdlings Flat at sunset

“This freak wave completely soaked me and my gear, I thought it was all over for my camera. I’m glad I got a good shot out of it!”

Q. Locations and weather are crucial factors for a successful picture. How do you handle these unpredictable features?

A. A huge motivation for me to capture shots is the challenge of bettering myself every time. For instance, I will revisit the same location several times until the conditions are right for what I’ve mentally planned and calculated before hand. There are factors such as sun angle, weather, tides, and times. In saying that I always keep super warm clothes in my car because I never know where I’ll end up some days (or nights).

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