Do You Have A Half Moon On Your Palms? This Is What It Means In Real And You’ll Love It

Human body is truly a marvelous machine. It consists of many wonderful things which when discovered can fill us with awe.

And it has certainly did whenever some new discovery is made such as interpreting different signs human body gives out.


There are many different ways to foresee our future or what is our fortune holds such as palmistry, scatomancy, or tarot cards etc. It has also been scientifically proven that these methods can actually take a sneak peek into our future.

Every gesture, or expression contributes towards it. Through these signs we can know about our future prospects-marriage,career, etc.

Palmistry is the reading of palms to know about one’s future. Here are some of the interesting facts taken from the rule-book of palmistry.

1. The heart line that originates from your little finger is a key to many unknown wonders that can tell you a lot about your future. 


2. Bring both of your palms together with your hands at equal length. 

3. Now observe the pattern formed in your hands.

4. If there is a clear half-moon on your palms, it means that you have a great emotional strength and a self-asserted personality.

You’re very determined and don’t depend on others for anything. You crave for love but know very well how to get over your emotions.


5. If you have a straight line, it means you are a gentle being


6. People with abrupt lines on their palms are very mature. 


They like the company of people who are old and mature enough to provide them emotional support. They don’t care what people think about them. They do what they want and that’s what makes them all the more interesting.