This Guy Asked His Friends To Edit His Pic Now He Regret His Decision!

Sharing pics on social networking sites has always been a popular trend among youths. But with the advent of Snapchat and Instagram, the urge to post a pic every day has grown even more. People love to share anything from everything with their friends and followers.


 But do you know what’s the ultimate goal behind posting at least one pic every day? There’s an unsaid and invisible competition of getting more followers than others. In order to get lots of viewers, one has to upload some really good as well as attractive pics. For this purpose, one has to resort to editing his pic.

Not everyone is good in editing, so some of us depend on our friends to do the same for us. Same thing happened with a guy who gave his pic to his friends for editing. However, what they did with the pic was quite hilarious.

Have a look and enjoy!

Even the cow seems to pose for the pic

Saving the world

Fun time with Baba Ramdev

One with the president of United States Of America

This one is just too much

Throwback to childhood

Guys, wanna try a new stunt on your bike?

Who’s that Pokemon?

A race with the horses

When you have got superpowers, why not use them in the game


This is what we call creativity

On the way to heaven

This is crazy!

For all the Baahubali fans!

Meanwhile in the gym

This one made us laugh like a crazy… Lol!


One with a Vikram and Betaaal!

Because one is way too mainstream

We too are done here. Lol!

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