Government Deactivated PAN Of 11 Lakh People. Find Out If Yours Active

According to the recent reports, the central government has deactivated PAN of over 11 lakh people. These Permanent Account Numbers has either been deactivated or permanently deleted.

Apparently, it is illegal to keep multiple PANs. Explaining their agenda behind doing so is to remove the duplicates.

“The uniqueness of PAN is achieved by conducting a de-duplication check on all already existing allotted PAN against the data furnished by the new applicant. Under the existing system of PAN, only demographic data is captured,” the sources reported saying.

Through their Digital India account on microblogging site Twitter, the concerned authorities informed people that multiple PANs have been allotted to one person and one PAN allotted to multiple persons.

Adding further, the Central government has also made it mandatory for people to link their biometrics-based identity number Aadhaar with their Permanent account number before 31 August 2017.

As per opinion of the financial planners, you should also check the status of your PAN.

This is how you can check if it is still active or not. Follow the instructions below-

1. Go to the Income Tax Department’s e-filing website –

2. Click on the ‘Know Your Pan’ option on the left side panel.

3. Next, you have you fill the details on your screen carefully. It includes information like your name, status (individual, Hindu Undivided Family etc.), date of birth and phone number.

4. According to the financial planners, you should be extra cautious while filling out the details and don’t forget to double check it before proceeding to the next page.

5.  On the next page, enter the OTP or one-time password received on your registered mobile number and click ‘Validate.’

 6. In some cases, a notification flashes on the Income Tax E-Filing website. So you have to give additional information. “There are multiple records for this query. Please provide additional information.”

7. Fill out the required fields and hit ‘Submit’.

8. If your PAN number is not duplicated it will be indicated as ‘Active’ under the ‘Remarks’ column.

This way you will know if your PAN is active or not and you can take further steps in the latter case.

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