Girl Strips Off In The Market Place When Boyfriend Refuses To Buy Her iPhone 6S

Love can be dangerous at times, but sometimes it is dangerous for those people also who are not even connected to the love birds. People of Nanjing city in China witnessed such a bizarre incident in which the fight of a couple took an unexpected turn and embarrassed all the people who witnessed this fight.

A girl wants a new iPhone 6s for herself, but her lover refused to buy it for her, she got angry over this and then she did something which ashamed the whole humankind. And by the way fight between the couple took place in a crowded market, in middle of the market with people around her; the girl undressed herself and got completely naked to mark her protest and anger against her boyfriend. The video was captured by people on their smartphone and the point that needs to be noted is that the boyfriend was also not in a hurry to make her girlfriend dressed again.

Earlier also the craze for iPhone 6s in China has made people exhibit weird behavior, two Chinese were ready to sell their kidneys for latest iPhone 6s and even hospitals are giving away iPhones to those who are donating sperms.

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Source : India Times